How to fix memory integrity not running issue


Many users have reported on various forums about the issue “memory integrity not running.” You’re here most likely because you are also one of those, and want to get rid of the problem. Don’t panic because here on this article we’ll provide you the appropriate solutions that will definitely help you fix the “memory integrity not running” issue.

Users should first understand what Memory integrity is all about. Memory integrity or Hypervisor-protected Code Integrity (HVCI) is a characteristic under core isolation that you can find on modern versions of Windows. The core isolation technology tends to separate the central processes of Windows in an online environment.

Reasons to enable the Memory integrity on Windows 11:

If you’re having the “memory integrity not running” issue, you must address the problem as it will make your virtual security better. Some of the vital reasons to enable the memory integrity on Windows 11 are following:

  • It prevents cyber crooks from getting access to your computer
  • It protects against spiteful codes
  • It improves overall system security.

How to fix the memory integrity not running issue on Windows?

In order to enable this feature on Windows 11, you should also ensure couple of more things, which are:

  • You need to update your Windows to the latest version so as to avoid any unkind consequence.
  • If the virtualization is disabled on your motherboard BIOS, enable it on your system.

Once you’re done with these things, go after the methods to address the “memory integrity not running” issue.

Method 1: Fix the issue using the Registry Editor

Note: It is significant that your PC is totally compatible with Windows 11 OS, if you want to apply this method. If not, you may experience difficulties while using core isolation on unmatched devices.

  • Type “regredit” in the “Start Menu”, and then press “Enter”.
  • Once the “Registry Editor” opens, go to the following location:


memory integrity not running

  • Now click twice on “Enabled”.

memory integrity not running

  • In the value section, Set 1 from 0, and then press “OK”.



memory integrity not running

  • Once done, reboot your PC.

You must go for this method especially when you’re unable to find Windows Security Defender on your Windows 11 system due to some reason. Those who’ve installed Windows 11 without TPM 2.0, may find difficulty or even unable to activate memory integrity.

Method 2: Fix “memory integrity not running” issue using Windows Security Defender

  • To address the flaw through this method, you should open the “Start Menu”.
  • Now, type “Windows Security” and then hit “Enter”.
  • In the top left corner, tap on “three vertical lines”, which will expand the menu items.

memory integrity not running

  • Now, navigate to the “Device Security”.

memory integrity not running

  • Under “Core isolation”, press the “Core isolation details”.

memory integrity not running

  • To turn the switch on, toggle it.

memory integrity not running

  • When the computer asks to get restarted, do it.

memory integrity not running

During the time the switch is toggled to get turned on in Memory integrity, it will seek for incompatible drivers. In case it finds any incompatible components, it won’t be able to turn on. In such circumstance, they need to get updated or upgraded.

Sometimes, you may also need to upgrade physical hardware. Bear in mind that the core isolation feature is not available in all the computers. Therefore, you may not be able to enable the memory integrity, if you’re not having a device that is not compatible with the said feature.

Conclusion: Most likely the above mentioned information has helped you get rid of the “memory integrity not running” issue on your Windows 11 PC. Not to forget to share your experience regarding using our methods so that others could take advantage of it as well.